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Well Hell~   Leave a comment

So I should be jumping for joy that I have the next three days off.

And I am THRILLED but my boss decided to have a mandatory meeting tomorrow at two.

So I have to go in after all.


I was supposed to go get Keira and Kayla off to school tomorrow morning but their mother took a vacation day so I don’t get to see them after all.

Rather disappointing to say the least.

But I get to sleep later then five am so I guess that isn’t all bad.


Got home from work to charge my phone and it tells me I am not using the right battery charger so it won’t charge, which is bull because it is the only charger I have ever used for my phone.

Not sure what I am going to do about that.


I suppose I will have to go to Verizon tomorrow to get a new one.


I will look at Walmart first.

It will be cheaper no doubt.

No great plans for my days off other then grocery shopping, going to my husband’s sisters house tomorrow night for dinner, and going to my grandson’s football game on Sunday.

But I definitely will enjoy the beautiful weather as much as I can.


South Coast Iceland




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Family Time ~   Leave a comment

Here in less than an hour I am going to Iowa City with my sister so she can give plasma…..and then we are meeting my brother and his wife for lunch.

They are heading back to Canada in the morning.

I have to work later today so it won’t be a long visit.

Two hours tops.

He has been here since last Saturday and this is the first time I will actually  visit with him



This is my brother and his wife and her daughter.



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