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I am on my day off.

I have to get into the shower here in a minute and begin laundry.

My day off consists of some house cleaning, laundry and getting groceries later.

They poured part of our street yesterday.

That is exciting to think here in about three weeks we will get to drive on our street and use our driveway again.

It stormed last night and I was soaked through by the time I parked my car and walked the half block home to my house.

Literally soaked.

I work the next four days after today.

Hate it.

Hate working on Friday and Monday’s when I work the weekend.

But alas it is what it is.

Some day I will never have to work again.


The days are boiling hot and will be till Tuesday.

Hate it.

Literally hate sweating.

Our family reunion is on Saturday and going to be disgustingly hot.

How I dread it.

Not seeing people but the heat.



Not like I can change it though so I shouldn’t complain.

I am trying to do less complaining.







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