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The Elderly~   Leave a comment

I have to say I love working with the elderly again.

I love listening to them tell me about how their lives are or were.

How many children they have had and what they or their spouse did for work back in the day.

They are always so appreciative of what we do for them as well.

I find a great contentment helping them and working to assist them in whatever way they need it.

Not too crazy about the hours.

I wouldn’t mind doing it from 4-8 or 9 in the evening, but I hate going in at two.

Still it is a job and I do enjoy it for the most part.




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Still have the headache~   Leave a comment

Here I am on day four of this sinus headache.

Really rather sick of it.

I called in sick two days in a row and I imagine I will get a lecture when I walk in there today.

A lecture about calling in sick.

If she puts up too much of a fuss I will just quit.

I am not going to put up with a lot of bull from her.

I don’t need the job that bad.

And I am tired of having go rounds with her.

First for taking five days off to move my sister back to Iowa after she told me I could have the five days off and then secondly when I reported a woman was writing things about ending her life and I told state about it.

And she hadn’t followed through even though she told me she would.

I am not goin to work for someone who had no regard for me or what I contribute to the job.


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