Getting In Trouble For Telling The Truth~   1 comment

So when state was here they asked each of us to go into a room with them and discuss the job.

One of the questions was “Have you witnessed or seen anything that would make you think one of the tenants might be suicidal?”

I told her about cleaning one of the tenants rooms, a female and seeing a note she had written that was on her desk to her children.

The note said “I have had a good life but I want it to be over. Please understand children that this is what I need to do”

I  reported it to my boss and she told me she would follow through and talk to this woman’s children.

Well come to find out my boss didn’t contact the woman’s family so she is in trouble for that.

How serious the trouble might be, I don’t know.

She may be fined or something more serious.

She called me into her office and said  to me “You just had to say something about that note didn’t you?”

Well what was I supposed to do?

I already have a guilty conscience over a sixteen year old boy committing suicide several years ago.

I saw him the day before he killed himself.

I knew by his actions that something was wrong.

I just went about my business and didn’t even try to talk to him or get help for him.

And chances are nothing I could have said to this boy would have prevented him from killing himself, but I didn’t even try to talk to him.

I just went on my way.

I can’t in good conscience do that again.

My boss said she would follow through with a call to this tenant’s family.

Yes by answering a question truthfully I got her in to trouble, but if she had contacted the tenant’s family like she told me she would do, there wouldn’t be a problem.

So now I will be a outcast over that.

I already have people annoyed with me for taking five days off last week to move my sister back to Iowa.

I want to put in my two weeks and just not have to deal with any of it again.







Posted September 6, 2017 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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  1. You could get on at the university without any trouble.

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