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Liars~   Leave a comment

Why do people lie?
Why do they say things to make other people look bad?
I just don’t understand it.

My husband lies to our kids.

He says I say or do things that just aren’t true.

He lies and it makes me look bad.

He told the kids last night that he wasn’t invited to go to Florida with us.

That is a flat out lie.

And I called him on it.

He replied with ‘I don’t remember you asking”

Which I know is a lie because I asked him three times.

The first time when I told my sister I would help her.

The second time when we decided to fly down and not drive down

The third time was the day before we left.

I said “Rick are you sure you don’t want to go?”
And he said “No”

For him to lie like that just royally pisses me off.

I can hardly stand to look at him today I am so pissed at him.

I fucking hate liars.

Of course he doesn’t ask me why I am mad because he knows why.
Every damn time he does this I get pissed off.

Why does he have to make out like I am such a bitch and he is so good?
Almost like he is a victim?
Damn it pisses me off.



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