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Rose Madder~   1 comment

I am reading the above titled book by Stephen King.

All I have to say is the man can write some weird stuff

This book is about a abused woman and her sick twisted husband who abuses her.

Very strange stuff, but that is Stephen King for you.

He does have a weird mind.

It is an enjoyable read though and not boring at all.

Rose Madder

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Ick once again~   Leave a comment

Not feeling the best.

Not sure if it is a bit of the flu or what?
Just feel a bit dizzy and not altogether myself.


2 more nights of work and then I am on my five days off.

I am going to enjoy that.

My sister says she dreads the drive back from Florida to Iowa.

I personally have always enjoyed it.

I guess that is the gypsy in me.

I am my mother’s daughter after all and she loved to dream of travels.

She didn’t take a lot of vacations but she always dreamed of it.

So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.






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