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As I knew she would my boss is making me pay for taking off at the end of the week.
EVEN THOUGH she approved my time off, when it came time to do the scheduling she realized it wasn’t going to be easy.

Not my problem.

I asked her and it didn’t even take her two seconds to say “Sure”

So now that I have those five days off, three actually since the weekend is my weekend off, she is making me pay for it.

How you may be wondering?
By having me work tonight till ten pm (which is fine, it is my weekend to work) and then have me come back in tomorrow at six am.

I asked her a few times to not ever do that to me as when I get home at ten I don’t go to bed immediately.

It takes me an hour or two to wind down.

So like last night I wasn’t in bed till twelve thirty.

To come home tonight and go right to bed isn’t going to happen.

I won’t be tired.

But to get up at five, and shower and be at work at six will give me if I am lucky, four hours of sleep.

And it won’t be good sleep because I will worry that I won’t wake up with the alarm.

And then of course she knows I am getting up early on Thursday to fly to Florida so she has me working till ten Wednesday night so that will be another night of not getting much sleep.

I know she is doing this because I am off for five days this next weekend.

She is punishing me because I am actually taking the time off that she approved for me to take off.

But whatever.

I will do what I have to do.

Just not looking forward to the next three days of work after today.





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