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Will we or won’t we?   Leave a comment

So my sister and her small family, son, daughter in law and grandson are wanting to move back to Iowa.

I think it hinges on weather or not her son can buy a trailer up here.

IF they can, they will either move back the weekend of August 26th and 27th or the first weekend in September.

I told her my eldest son Brian and I can fly down on August 31st and help them move back even if that just means we drive one of their cars back.

At one time she said she didn’t want to drive her car and would either drive with her daughter in law and grandson or fly back to Iowa with them.

Her son will be driving a U-Haul back.

Or that is what I understand will be happening.

However I am not one hundred percent sure she wants my help or what they are actually doing.

It is still a bit up in the air.

I am willing to fly down and either help her drive a car back or ride with my son back in her car.

But nothing is set yet.

Brian said to me last night….if we flew down on the 31st we could have one actual day down there to enjoy before needing to head back.

We both will need to be back at work on September 5th

So right now we, Brian and I are in waiting mode.

If of course they can come back this next weekend, then they should of course come.

Brian and I can’t help till the 31st.

But I do want them to come earlier if they can.

I have told her several times not to wait if they can come up earlier.

Honestly I don’t know if they even want our help.

I have offered and that is all I can do.

And if they don’t want our help that is fine too.




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