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forever day

I wasn’t a perfect mother, far from it, but I do know that the above saying is so very true.

Cherish your children and grandchildren because they grow up so damn fast and you won’t know where it all went to.

My eldest grand daughter will be 15 in a few months.

15!  How is that possible?
Where has the time gone?
I haven’t a clue.

My oldest daughter is 38!

It seems like I was just 38 a few years ago.

It is insane how quickly time flies, and parents need to cherish every moment with their babies because it will be gone, like in a blink of an eye.



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Worked last night and have to work tonight.

Then I am off on Saturday and then work Sunday from 6-2

Last night went well although a few little bumps in the routine.

Nothing horrific though.

Tonight I don’t get help till four so I will be there for two hours by myself, which is fine as not much happens in those two hours.

My boss asked me if I would prefer to work five days a week or just four.

I told her put me where you need me.

Which she said is about four days a week.

I am fine with that.

I may even cut down a bit more before it is all said and done.

But for now it is fine.



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