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Work, Grandchildren and The Struggle…..   Leave a comment

Work has been going decently.

I actually hate my hours but that is the only thing I mind about it.

Once I get to work I don’t mind it so much.

I have today off so… is going to be spent with grandchildren.

I am taking Keira and Kayla swimming and then Bailey our youngest is going to stay over night while her parents take her brother and his friend to a baseball game in Cedar Rapids.

My sister and her family from Florida want to get moved back to Iowa and very soon.

Unfortunately the person who said they were going to help them, seems to be backing out.

Which is horrible in my opinion.

They are struggling and have been for quite some time.

They need a break.

I pray for them every single night in hopes that God will seem them through this.

IF I had the money and was still working at the school I could get a loan for a trailer for them.

Unfortunately since I am just starting a new job and I have bills… bank would give me a loan.


God willing it will all work out.

Maybe not in the fastest way……but hopefully soon…..



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