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An Interesting Day~   Leave a comment

I had to work 8-4 today and while I wasn’t looking forward to it AT ALL……I did get a surprise when I got there.

I was sent to The VA Hospital with a resident to watch over him while he had to see a doctor and have blood drawn and pee in a container.

It was nice to get out and about.

There was a driver who drove us there but it was nice to get out.

When I got back I watched the nurse give a few meds and then I sat for the rest of the day.

I HATE sitting.

It makes the time go by so slowly.

But we visited a lot so I guess that helped a bit.

Now I am on two till ten the next three nights and we can play on our phones or watch Netflix after seven pm which makes the time go by faster.

On Saturday I will be on my own which will be a bit interesting because I bet I don’t sit as much as I do now.


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