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Work and weather~   Leave a comment

I will begin with the weather.

It is 50 degrees outside.

Very weird for August but the weatherman said it is normal to have this low of temps in August.  That it happens about 5 times in August every year.

It is refreshing to have it cooler.

Everyone knows I hate hot and humid weather unless I am by a pool or ocean.

As for work……I worked with two girls who are sisters and in their twenties.

All they wanted to talk about was drinking and places to go drinking.

I would ask a question and be ignored until they had exhausted the topic of places to drink and then the younger one would answer me.

I was not impressed with either one of them

Plus there is a lot of sitting in this job.

We get there at two and pretty much sit for an hour or two, clean a room, then start passing medications or getting ready for dinner, or supper as they call it there at five pm.

Then we clean up from dinner and sit till seven.

At seven we pass meds or take garbage in every residents home and then sit again by seven thirty.

Or give a resident a shower (I have yet to do that)

At eight if we are passing meds we pass a few more and the other person finishes laundry from dinner and rolls silverware up in the clean cloth napkins.

By eight thirty we are sitting again and only get up if someone wants something.

And we sit till ten pm.

It is boring and I do not care for all of the sitting.

BUT….since they only pay $10 an hour, I will take my I Pad and watch Netflix on my downtime like the others do when they are on their down time.

It does make the time go faster when you are watching something you like.


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