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Today we have our two younger grandchildren.
My husband always has them on Wednesday’s

I would love to suggest I just watch them and he can go to work but he would find that to be a bad idea as he loves his Bailey time.

She is a spoiled little girl who has her papa wrapped around her little finger.

And he loves spoiling her.

Aaron is quiet and content to play on the I Pad all day long.

One rarely knows he is here.


The other day my daughter, her husband and these two grandchildren were here for dinner.

Aaron was on the I Pad and hardly even noticed at all.

UNTIL we were talking about his sister getting into trouble and getting spanked.

Then out of the blue he pipes up “I love seeing her get into trouble!”

We all laughed (Bailey didn’t understand what her brother had said)

But we laughed because he was so quiet for hours and then suddenly pipes up with that.
Proving he was listening even though he wasn’t participating in the conversation.

They are two wonderful children and I am truly blessed to be their Nana.





Posted July 12, 2017 by Marge in Aaron, Bailey, family, heartfelt, ramblings

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