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Sharks!   Leave a comment

So while watching the news last night they said there are at least 150 great white sharks off of Cape Cod Massachusetts.

It has the community very worried

And I just read a article that in Okaloosa Island in Florida they had sharks swimming in the shallow part of the beach.

Almost as if they wanted people to pet them like they do dolphins.

I would say YIKES!~
And probably never get into the water again if I saw a shark.


I kid you not, I would probably lose my mind if I saw something like that in the water.


It reminds me of that movie “The Shallows”  No way in hell would I survive that.

If a shark was stalking me like that, I would lose all rationality.

I would probably kill myself before the shark could.

I just couldn’t handle that stress or pressure.


Guess it is a good thing I live in Iowa.

No sharks here.



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Work, Weather and Wishful Thinking~   Leave a comment

I am at work, working on a new classroom.

I will finish this one up, taking my time the next two days to get it done and then I am done with this job.

It feels great knowing I will be done.

Honestly though if they asked me to stay I would.

I hate giving up such great pay and benefits and they do need custodians.

However I made the decision to retire from here and so I need to just look at it as a new chapter in my life.


Supposed to get serious thunderstorms again tonight.

They said that last night too but it went around us.

It did rain a bit but nothing like what they predicted.

Although I know some parts of Iowa had tornados.



The closer it gets to ending this job and the closer it gets to working at Casey’s again I wish I had just taken the entire month of July off.

I know why I didn’t because I need the money but it sure would have been nice.


Hindsight is such a wonderful thing……






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