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old orchard beach maine

The above picture is  in Maine


Washington ^


Bora Bora ^


Hawaii  ^


Alaska  ^




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I love the picture but the saying doesn’t mean anything.

I tried to erase it but it isn’t possible.

Still the picture is beautiful


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I read an  saying today on the internet that went something like this…..

If they love you, they will find a way to be with you

And while I should already know that, once in a while I get a glimpse of the past and feel blue.
Seeing something like this just reminds me that “yeah right……there wasn’t enough love”

Like I should have to be reminded.

What can I say…..


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I had a co worker come and say goodbye to me today at work.

Wishing me well.

He said “are you sure you won’t be back in January”
I said “Nope I am done”
He said “Really?  Are you sure”

And like I told my husband “IF we need the money then yes I would consider going back” but I don’t see us needing the money.

Of course I could be wrong and something might happen that we do.

But I really have no intention in going back in January.


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Dry Tortugas Florida

There was a list on the internet of the 12 national parks that were the least visited last year.

The Dry Tortugas Florida was number 6.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go here and have even tried to get my husband to go but he doesn’t show any interest in it.

I think once he was there he would find it very interesting but getting him to go is a whole other story.



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So I finished the above titled book over my lunch break.

It was a good read.

I wasn’t too crazy about God being a woman but for the book it made sense.

Now I will watch the movie in the next day or two and see how it compares.

Hopefully  it will be as good or better.



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I am at work and wishing I wasn’t.

Not because I don’t feel well or anything like that, it is more that I am lazy and just don’t want to be here.

Clearly I am a bum.


The weather has been exceptionally wonderful, low to mid seventies with a nice breeze.

Day four of the diet and I don’t feel any lighter.

One would think cutting all sugar from one’s diet and not eating anything but protein and vegetables that I would feel a lot lighter.

But I don’t.

Yes I know it takes time but seriously I thought at least the bloated feeling would leave me by now…..

Clearly I have a long way to go…..

Why clearly for the title of this blog?
No reason other then it popped into my head.



Yep still longing for the beach…..

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