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The Shack~   Leave a comment

I am reading the book “The Shack” by WM. Paul Young and it is quite good.

It is about a man who loses his young daughter and blames God for letting it happen.

And then three and a half years later he gets a note in the mail from God asking to meet.

I am not too crazy about God being a woman, but the book explains that just because we see God in a certain way doesn’t mean that is how He is.

We have misconceptions about God and Jesus and this book touches on that a bit.

I haven’t finished it yet but probably will today.

It also goes into God gives us free will and it isn’t up to Him to stop something horrible happening.  He is there with the person who suffers, every step of the way but He can’t stop it because He gave us all free will.

If I was grading the book I would give it a B plus or a A.

Now I will watch the movie this weekend and see how differently they are.


After reading “13 Reasons Why” I am watching the mini series on Netflix and the mini series is a lot different then the book.
Which annoys me.

The book came first so whomever makes the book into a movie or series should follow the damn book.

But that is me and my opinion.




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