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Blah~   Leave a comment

I don’t really feel blah, but I feel blah about this job.

I am so over it already.

How valley girl does that sound?

But seriously I am tired of cleaning.

Tired of working to something that won’t even effect me in a couple of weeks.

Yeah I am lazy and wish I didn’t have to work.
What else is new?

Some day…….

Until then I will keep plugging away…….

On a different note I am shopping once again for a different bird feeder.

The one I first bought it seems like it is hard for the birds to get the food.

The second one I bought a month or so ago, they keep knocking it over and the bird seed spills out all over the ground.

So this afternoon I will go shopping for yet another bird feeder.

I know, it is the little things in life~


This picture reminds me of what I said to my grand daughter yesterday when it was pouring down rain preventing them from going outside to play.

I said, it could be worse, it could be snow.


She didn’t seem impressed with my joke.




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