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The weather men said it was going to be 90 today and very humid.

It was cloudy all day long till about twenty minutes ago.

It is starting to get humid but it rained and was very cool for the better part of the day.

I love days that are rainy and cool.

I will take that over hot and humid any day.

Yeah I know I guess I should live in Washington.

But I love the sunshine too so Washington state wouldn’t work for me…..

Still it was a great surprise to get a cool day when they told us it was going to be very hot.



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2 weeks from today~   Leave a comment

So two weeks from today I will start working at Casey’s.

My boss Penny said she will train me in everything which is fine by me.

I like changing things up and doing different things.

To making donuts to making other food and running the register.

It all works for me.

As I thought andย knew would happen,ย I am taking a $10 cut in pay

It is actually $10.66 but I will be getting my IPERS and in October my retirement incentive so it will all be fine.

I just need enough to make my car payment and have some for frills and vacations.


Happy Hump day everyone

Good morning two

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