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So I will be done with this job in 8 days not counting today.

It seems like a while yet.

However I got called to interview for Casey’s so I have that at three today.

I have no doubt I will be hired.

I use to work there some 8-9 years ago and would have the same boss.

I wish I didn’t have to work at all.
Darn it.

But like I told my sister it will only be for three years or so.

Just until I get my car paid off.


I don’t want to start before July 5th.

I can see her wanting me to start on July 3rd, but I would like to have the 4th off and that would give me a 4 day weekend.

Still I need to be assertive and stick to my July 5th starting date.

beach-oceanYEAH I still long for the beach……


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