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Weekends, families and TV~   Leave a comment

It is almost noon on this Saturday morning.

The weekends go by so fast.

We will have Aaron and Bailey here in a bit so their parents can go to a wedding.

Then Aaron has a game tomorrow and then we have Keira’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon and then we are going to grill out there at their place.

Too busy for my liking but it is family time so I can’t really complain.

10 more days of working and then I am off, or off until I get another job.


We did finish season 5 of “House Of Cards” on Netflix.

Of course now we have to wait a year before season 6 starts.

Same way with other shows on Netflix although they cancelled “Bloodline” which I really enjoyed but I love Kyle Chandler so….that is probably why I enjoyed it so much


Such a handsome man.







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