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You’re The Boss~   Leave a comment

So yesterday afternoon my youngest son texts me (He hates talking on the phone)  “Hey mom, Crystal’s family has a thing Saturday night so we are just going to keep the girls this weekend”
I wrote back “Okay, You’re the boss”

He writes back “Wow”

I write back “What does wow mean?”
And he doesn’t answer me.

For about thirty minutes I periodically text a question mark to get him to answer me.
When he does he writes “your last message seemed a bit moody”

I wrote back “oh sorry it wasn’t meant that way”

He writes back “okay”

Well what exactly am I supposed to say?
This is our weekend to have his girls.
Even though his wife hates it when I say this is our weekend.

Okay the girls are almost 11 and Kayla is 8, and since Keira, the soon to be eleven year old has been born we have had them every other weekend.

Since the day Keira was born!

Unless of course they were on vacation or we were.

It has always been this way!
So for him to say “hey mom we are keeping the girls” is out of the ordinary for one and for another I can’t very well say “No, you can’t. This is our weekend”

So I simply said “You’re the boss”

Evidently that is me being moody?

My husband said I should have simply said “Okay”
But I am not a simple person and I generally say what I feel.

Just who I am.

But evidently saying “You’re the boss” wasn’t the right thing to say.
AND anyone who has kids or grown adult children knows at least once a month you are going to say something to offend one of your adult children.

Chances are like with me, when you have four, it is once a month for each child.


I love them all so much and wouldn’t trade being their mother for anything but….sometimes……it is almost a test of wills……

the six of usThe six of us last Christmas.

Brian 36, Emily 28, Matt 31 and Paula between me and her dad is 38.





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