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Suicide~   Leave a comment

I just finished the book “Thirteen Reasons Why” and I have to say it depresses me.

It was very well written and very believable.

But it got me thinking of Ben.

A friend of my daughter’s who was sixteen and committed suicide.

I had seen him two nights before and he worked at the local grocery store in town.

When I saw him, he was standing behind the meat counter and staring at a wall.

I almost greeted him as I always did with a “Hi Ben” but something made me not.

He looked like he was off in some other space deep in thought.

His side was to me though so I can’t say what if anything he was doing, but his hands were at his sides and he was staring straight ahead

I didn’t greet him.

And I am not saying if I had said something that he would have turned to me and shown me how lost he was, or if I could have said anything that may have mattered.

Probably not as I was just a parent of a friend of his.

But two nights later he committed suicide.

This book “Thirteen Reasons Why” shows what I should have done.

What anyone should do if they feel someone is lost or fighting with themselves with any kind of conflict.

Like I said chances are my talking to Ben wouldn’t have made a bit of difference, but I will never know since I didn’t even try.

At the time I remember thinking, he must be having a bad day.

After losing him I tell myself I will speak up and pay closer attention to those around me.
Reading this book “Thirteen Reasons Why” just re-states that for me.

Also how you act to a person, can affect them so much more then you realize.

Or if you treat them with indifference……that could affect them in a way we are clueless about as well.

I would recommend “Thirteen Reasons Why” to everyone.

Suicide is real.

People need to be more aware.

This is a picture of Ben, who would have been 26 this year had he not committed suicide 10 years ago.

RIP Ben.





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13 Reasons Why~   Leave a comment


I found this book here at work and am reading it.

It is about a girl who commits suicide but before she does she has tapes that give 13 reasons why she did it.

It is basically people who bullied her in one form or another and made her feel like she was less then nothing.

I know Netflix has a movie about this book and I may watch it once I get the book done.

It is a teenagers book, or from the ages of 10-14 I would say.  It is one that I normally wouldn’t read but my daughter watched the movie on Netflix and cried and I feel like I should read it just to see what the hoop la is all about.

Teen suicide is real in this country and if this could possibly help one kid to either stop bulling or prevent a child from taking their life then it is a well recommended book in my opinion.




Posted June 15, 2017 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings