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Rain and 90’s yet again~   Leave a comment

I use to be friends with someone who would talk daily about the weather.

I hated it because if that was all they could think of to talk about obviously  we had nothing in common.

At any rate, it is hard not to talk about the 90’s when I detest them so much.

Supposed to be in the nineties clear through all day Saturday and then cool off on Sunday and Monday and then back up in the 90’s again by Tuesday of next week.

I hate it so much.

Especially when  on Monday the weather man said it would be in the mid to low eighties all next week.

And to change it again just irks me .

90’s is not what I want to hear or accept.

But I don’t get a choice.

I can’t imagine what it will be like in August and September if we are getting 90’s in June.


They did say we could get some rain today and believe me we need it.

It hasn’t rained for over a month.

At least not where I live.


At least it is hump day…….


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