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I had what I thought was a terrific title for this blog, but I took the time to read my sister’s blog and the great title left me.


This getting older~

It is almost the weekend.

Three hours and four minutes for me and my weekend begins.

We have Keira and Kayla tonight as their parents are going to a concert.

Keira and I are going shopping as it is her birthday here in eleven days and she wants new short outfits for summer.

And we are taking her to get her nails done too.

Dinner some where also.

Yes she is spoiled.

Of all my grandchildren I spoil her the most.

I don’t have a favorite grandchild so it isn’t like she is my favorite.

She is extra special because she is my first blood grandchild but she isn’t my favorite.

They are all unique and special in their own way.

Keira is my girly girl, Kayla is my big heart girl, Aaron is my only grandson so he is extra special just because of that.

Bailey is so damn smart and a little princess.

And Mirielle is very talented with her music and she is such a deep thinker.

After tonight we will have them for a time tomorrow and then I will do laundry and relax some and then on Sunday my son Brian and I are going kayaking.

First time this year.

My younger son bought a pontoon boat so I don’t know how much kayaking we will do once they get their boat.

I can see Brian preferring going out on the pontoon versus the kayak.


Supposed to be boiling hot all weekend and into next week.
I think the humidity is supposed to be low though.

God willing it will be.

Brian is in the first picture and Matt and I are in the second.

This was taken early last summer…..






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