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I found out today that I get to go to my old school Roosevelt on Monday and clean.

That makes me so happy.

And the best thing is that my night custodian is going to a different school for the last twenty days of his job.

He is retiring.


I shook his hand (I can be gracious) and wished him well and told him not to do what my night custodian did at Roosevelt.

I told him my night custodian Tom, lived less then two years after he retired.

That he became in-active and had a massive heart attack and died.

Steve said “So I should stay busy”
I said “Yes, you shouldn’t just sit around”
He said “Okay I won’t”


I am so THRILLED that I am never going to have to deal with him again.

And I get to go back to Roosevelt my old stomping ground.

Love it.

It is Friday too so that makes me extra happy.


I have to do the building checks at Longfellow for the last time this weekend and then I am done with that.

I will probably eventually have to do Roosevelt but my boss said that is covered the entire month of June.

So that makes me happy.

Came home and planted flowers, then weย went to see my grandson who had his tonsils removed today.

He is doing really good, but of course he is on medicine and drugged enough that the pain isn’t too bad.

Started laundry, ate supper and here I am.


Life is good


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