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Well here I am on the first day of 57 actual work days that I have to spend cleaning some where.

Today and tomorrow for sure it will be my school here at Longfellow.

After that I don’t know as my boss’ aren’t answering my emails.

First time they have ever done that to me so…..not sure what it is up with it.

Our school is closing for a year so they can remodel it and we are moving to a new school for that year.

When we get back here it will be like a new school again.

Unfortunately someone is trying to break windows here……

Or one at least.

I haven’t inspected anywhere else yet as I haven’t punched in yet.

Starting today I am not giving this place any more time without punching in and being on the clock first.


I have given the school district time for the last fifteen and a half years….

No more

The next few days will be a bit hectic and then after that it is hard to tell…..


Let the fun begin.

me on the beach


Still wish I was at the beach…..


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