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About a month ago my son had to put his pug down.

Milo is pictured above.

He was full of cancer.

Well now his basset hound, pictured in the first photo is full of cancer too and he told me last night he will have to put him down in the next week or so.

It makes me very sad.

I wasn’t really fond of Milo but I love Copper.

I adore that dog.

I love him so much I have tried several times to get my son to give Copper to me.

But alas….he is going to go to dog heaven to be with Milo.

They were best buds who loved each other.
You could always tell by the way they stuck together.
And Copper would always wait for Milo to catch up to him, when Milo got slow and old.

I love dogs.

But I hate when they have to die.



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Packing up~   Leave a comment

Well here we are on our Thursday.
The last Thursday of the 2016-2017 school year.

I have been packing away stuff for safe keeping.

I will take most of it home with me but some I will take to the Roosevelt to use there as I clean.

I honestly can’t wait to get started there.

I will have only eleven weeks to clean it and I want to get started.


Counting today four more days of brats here at school.

Counting today I only have four more days to get up at three thirty or four am to get to school and clean.

Once summer begins I can sleep  till five or even five fifteen and get to work by six.

Love the thought of that.


nothing ever goes away





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