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A Disgusting Human Being~   Leave a comment

I often refer to my night custodian as a piece of shit.

Because he is the laziest grossest person around.

He does barely does his job and never anything more.

For instance, we get science kits four times a year and a lot of them have to go to third floor.

If I tell him before I leave, “You can start doing the science kits”
He will do all of first floor and part of second but leave the heavy third floor kits for me.

I have never in my life met a man who leaves the hard work for a woman.

He just is a creep all the way around.

He leaves messes in the break room for me and he just is a gross human.

He coughs and never covers his mouth.
I tell him too and he does for a second or so and then goes back to not.

He sits at our computer waiting to punch in picking his nose.

He has left messes all over the school that are his job to clean but he doesn’t do it.

For instance a while back a child used his feces and covered a wall, a floor board and the floor with it.

Steve cleaned the wall and left the floor and floor board.

It was disgusting.

It was his job to do and it happened after I left for the day otherwise I would have done it myself.


His excuse when called on it was that he didn’t see it.


This morning I see a mess on the third floor rug, his area to clean, with what looks like someone dropped a piece of cake and then ground it in the carpet with their shoe.

It hasn’t been cleaned up.

I will leave it for him to do tonight.

He just is so damn lazy.


But the thing that pisses me off the most is that I had a sub schedule on the wall above our computer.

It has been there for months as we are required to have something in writing for whom ever comes to sub for us.

Well Monday I looked at it and it was fine.

Yesterday morning I come in and there are buggers all over it.

No one, and I do mean NO ONE comes into our office but him and I.

So it had to be him that did it.

I told my husband yesterday morning that I fucking hate this guy.

I literally can not stand him.

And while I don’t want him dead I just want to never have to see him or deal with him ever again.

God willing that will be soon.

He is retiring and will be done on June 30th.

Hopefully I won’t ever have to see him  again after May 31st.

A week from now.

God willing.

And I won’t even go into the sexual innuendos that he says about my grandchildren.

Just a worthless piece of shit.












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