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Grandchildren time~   Leave a comment

Our four youngest grandchildren are here staying over.

It is almost ten fifteen and only one acts like she is ready for bed.

The other three say “no way”
I will insist here in about forty five minutes.


They had a fun busy evening playing in the bouncy house my daughter and son in law got for Aaron’s birthday party.

They were in there hours jumping so they should all be very tired.

But so far they say they aren’t.

I am quite sure once I turn the TV off and make them go to sleep they will all be out within minutes.


Tomorrow we will go to my school and let them play for a while in the gym.

They always love that.


And then Monday morning will be upon us again.

Seven days of school, actual school days before it is over for another year and summer work begins.

I love it because I am alone and can clean to my heart’s content while I listen to my music


It is the simple things sometimes.




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Raining Yet again~   Leave a comment

Another raining day in Iowa.

It beats the hot and humid but I am tired of the rain too.

Our grandson’s birthday party is this afternoon and I hate that the grass may be wet and cold.

Hopefully it will stop raining before then and get a chance to dry some.


We have our four youngest grandchildren tonight over night.

First time in a month so hopefully it will go well.

I am sure it will but…there is always that chance that they won’t get along


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