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Do you know I wake up more tired then when I went to bed?
How is that possible?
Does that mean I didn’t get enough sleep?
Or I got too much?

I can’t imagine it is too much since it was only 6.5 hours.

I usually get at least 7 if not 7.5

Today I am tired.

Wishing I was almost anywhere but where I am, and that is at work.


I’m sure I will wake up more once the day progresses.

Three more days, counting today and then I am off for ten.

I can’t wait till two thirty on Friday.


On a different note, the other day I was looking at places to go visit on the first five days of my vacation.

To Colorado, Utah or somewhere like that.

Ideally Utah but it is almost a 21 hour drive and that just seems too long to spend a day or two and then drive back.

So I was thinking Colorado……but on the news last night they said Colorado was getting 10 inches of snow last night and into today.

Nope I refuse to go where there is snow.

Snow on mountain tops is alright, but not snow on the ground making it cold.

So I will just stay home and do small things around home.

Paint and work in my yard and spend time with my grandchildren if possible.






Posted April 26, 2017 by Marge in ramblings

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