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Another Glorious Day In Iowa~   Leave a comment

It is exceptionally beautiful out.

About 70 degrees with full sunshine and a nice breeze.

I love it.
I wish it never got hotter then 80 degrees and never colder then 50

That would be perfect.

Got to love Spring in Iowa~


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I’d rather be~   Leave a comment

I would rather be almost anywhere but here at work.


My morning chores are done but it took me two hours and 20 minutes to do them.

I was soaking wet with sweat.

Good Lord this place was a pig sty.

But is usually how it is when I am gone for a few days.

I come back to a mess.

AND what I don’t understand is why can’t people leave things the way they found them?
That annoys me to no end.

If I went to a school to do their job I would try very hard to leave the supply closet and things as they were when I got there.

Cleaner of course but I wouldn’t just leave things haphazardly.


People make me insane.

Especially that P.O.S. of a night custodian I have.

I detest him so much I have a hard time being civil to him.

Granted that isn’t very Christian like but he is such a lazy person and does just barely enough to get by……

Working with him makes me have to do more because he barely does what

he is supposed to do.

For example, I had Friday and Monday off, so I told him to do the laundry on Friday night so that it would be done this weekend.

I had a sub come in and do the building checks and they aren’t responsible to do the laundry.

So anyway the P.O.S. night custodian does the laundry and then brings it down to our office still damp from the dryer.

So it sits for at least three if not four days here in our little office smelling because it is wet laundry.

AND I have told him over and over, put the laundry away after you wash and dry it.

Well he didn’t and the entire office smells.

Granted I have Lysol and have sprayed, and I am washing the dirty/semi clean damp laundry again but the point is he does barely enough to qualify doing something.

I literally can’t stand the man.

He comes in here at two thirty, picking his nose and touching our computer.
Coughing all of the time without covering his mouth and I just find him to be lowlife scum

I have told him to cover his mouth, I have told him the Kleenex are right there to use.

Does he listen?


I can not wait until I never have to see his face again.

Hopefully only a month more.

2 months at most.

Good God I pray every day for the Lord to give me patience with this 56 year old child/man.











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