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A Beautiful Day In Southeast Iowa~   Leave a comment

apricot roses

It is an incredibly beautiful day in Iowa today.

77 with full sunshine and a small breeze.

Just incredibly beautiful.

If every day was like today it would be paradise on earth.

Love it!
It was a great productive day with cleaning and working in the yard too.

If only I could never have to work again.


But today was wonderful and I am thankful.



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Down to my last day off~   Leave a comment

It makes me quite sad that I am down to my last day off.

Hate how fast time off goes.

Back to work tomorrow which makes me sad, but like I told my sister I need the money so work I must.

I have a lot to do today, mainly cleaning.

It will take up most of the morning.

I have a bit of yard work to do as well but that can wait till this afternoon.


Posted April 17, 2017 by Marge in ramblings