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Today is my first of four days off.

I am sitting here after eating my bowl of raisin bran and watching TV.
Mainly Good Morning America.

Sounds like we may be going to war with Trump bombing other countries.

I weep for our country.

We are in a world of hurt with him at the realm.

My sister says God chooses who leads our country.

I personally think HE has more to worry about but she assures me that God is in control and HE elected Trump to win.

I feel this country will never benefit with Trump at the head, but hopefully the creep can change my mind and do something good.

It is Good Friday, with Easter just a few days away.

We aren’t going to do anything for dinner that day because Matt and his family will be busy with his wife’s family and they wouldn’t get here till late afternoon if then… we just aren’t going to have a gathering.


Paula was supposed to come down this weekend but she told me last night she won’t be.

Rick and I are going to take the train to Chicago next month and she will meet us there and we will drive to Michigan with her to visit a place called Holland where there is a huge tulip festival.

It should be fun.

As I told her I have been looking into taking the Amtrak train out West so this will give me an idea how well I will do with it.

From Mount Pleasant (Iowa) to Chicago it is almost a four hour trip.

I will buy a motion sickness pill and take just in case.

I have a lot to do today.

We are getting Aaron and Bailey later this late afternoon and I want to clean, do laundry and go get some groceries before they get here.

It is supposed to rain all day here.


I was hoping for a lot of sunshine and warm temps while I was off, but I am off in May, the first week of May so hopefully the weather will cooperate then.





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