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Sick To My Stomach~   2 comments

No I don’t have the flu

I did something really freaking stupid and now I am paying the consequences of it.


I decided not to retire from the school district.

For two reasons, one is the pay is too good to give up.

I don’t want to go back to making $10 an hour.

The other is leaving this job means I would have to go back to working weekends and holidays and I just don’t want to do that.

But the reason I am sick to my stomach is, because I already did the paper work I have to retire on June 30th, but am rehired on July 1st, but I lose my four weeks vacation and my sonority and it pains me greatly.

I also get docked a $1.35 cents an hour.

Which will come to be about $3,500 less a year.

It hurts the most losing that four weeks of paid vacation.

After July 1st 2018 I will get two weeks of vacation again.

But it still makes me sick to my stomach that I lose that four weeks of paid vacation

It pains me to lose my 15.5 years of service to this school district just to start back at the beginning again.

But I did it to myself.

I am the idiot who put all of this in motion.

I am the idiot.

No one but me.

So I have to pay the consequences.



Yes myself in the mirror after being such a stupid idiot.








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