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Sore Throat and Others~   Leave a comment

Here we are sitting on Tuesday April 11th.

My niece Amy’s birthday is today.

I think she may be 40?
Hard to say.

Maybe 41?

Her brother is 43 so she must be 41?

Hard to say.


Went home and worked out in the yard for two and a half hours.

I have to say I am quite tired.

My shoulders, arms and hands really ache today.

But I do so love working in the dirt and making the yard pretty.


Still have my sore throat.

I think it might be allergies.

I have never been tested to see what exactly I am allergic to, but every time I work in the yard I get a sore throat and can’t stop sneezing.


3 weeks from now I will be on vacation for a week.

Sort of weird to be on vacation but not go anywhere.

But there is plenty to do at home and maybe I will paint a room or two.

Especially if the weather isn’t decent.

I have my bedroom and the living room to paint.

Not sure what color I am doing the living room but I am leaning towards lavender.

Only thing with that is I will have to buy new curtains if I go lavender.

The curtains areĀ  green.

Right now the walls are a tan.

And I hate it.

Actually when we bought the place almost two years ago every room in the house was this tan color.

I suppose someone thought it was a neutral color?

My husband painted the dining room a light blue, the kitchen yellow and the bathroom a light blue.

He probably will leave his bedroom the ugly tan color but I want to brighten up the living room and my bedroom.

I like brightness and sunlight streaming in.


Not sure if I will do any yard work tonight or not?

I have more to do but it depends on how I am feeling when that time comes.






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