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Fantastic Weekend Weather Wise~   Leave a comment

it was 76 yesterday with full sunshine and 78 today and partly cloudy.

Both days have had a nice breeze and the sun is incredibly warm.

Just fantastic weather.

I love it.

Sure wish it would never get warmer then 80 and colder then 50

That would make for a perfect world.




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Too Busy Of A Weekend~   Leave a comment

Had our kids and grandkids over for a picnic yesterday afternoon and then the four younger grandkids stayed the night.

We were outside till 9:30 and Kayla was up till midnight.

I fell asleep at eleven thirty.

The parents came to get their kids at about eleven thirty and stayed for lunch

The last of them left at two.

Our weekend has once again flown by.

Hate how fast they go.

Next weekend I have a four day weekend  but it too will be busy as we have Aaron and Bailey all of that time except Monday.


Tomorrow is another work day.



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