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Yesterday I wrote my sister in Florida telling her I never hear from anyone.

That I am the one who makes the first move and or calls them or seeks them out.

She wrote back that she is the same and that she refuses to let there be distance between her and our two other living sisters.

I am not made that way.

I do not feel that I should have to always be the one to say “Hey lets get together, or Hey how are you?”
I should not have to write first and I should not have to call first EVERY DAMN TIME!
She feels differently and I respect that but I don’t bend over backwards for anyone who won’t do the same for me.

Our eldest sister hasn’t worked for years and there is no way she is as busy in her life as I am mine.

Our youngest sister works part time.

She isn’t as busy either.

Our brother who lives in Canada and is wrapped up in his little family up there is the worst of all.

He doesn’t put forth the effort at all to stay in contact.

I remember years ago when my Grandmother was alone, having outlived three husbands, and the only thing she wanted was people to come and visit with her.

How she loved company but was very sad to see everyone leave.

Life is too short to not spend time with loved ones and make memories but again I am not going to keep making the first move.

Obviously they don’t feel the need to keep in touch since they put forth no effort to do so.



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