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Well my thirteen days off went by very fast and here I am back to work again.

Ugh, how I hate this place.

It use to be that they would keep kids off of the grass if it was muddy but evidently that is not the case any longer as the steps and many of the classrooms had a lot of dried mud in them.

I have two months and two days left with the kids in this school and then a month of cleaning and moving to the new school.

As I was driving in I thought, maybe I should take back my resigning and work a few more years but after just cleaning up this school, (My section) for the last two and a half hours I hate this place all over again.

And it isn’t even this place because if I could clean with no one around and not have to deal with the kids I would work thirteen more years.

But that isn’t how it is and I need to do something differently.


Did I really have 13 days off from here?
It sure doesn’t feel like it.


time out🙂



Posted March 28, 2017 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings