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Another Day of Sun and Fun~   Leave a comment

The sun is fighting to come out this morning.

It is very cloudy here.


This pic was at sunrise.

me and clouds

and me on the deck at sunrise.

We have decided to head home tomorrow as it will be twenty degrees cooler and cold and rainy.

We are all sunburnt and I for one am tired of feeling burnt.

I plan on staying in today and not going out at all except to shop for things for the grandkids that aren’t with us and dinner tonight.

The girls will swim with their father and I will be a bum and work on packing things up.

I don’t think the sun and beach appeal to me as much as it once did.

It is nice being here but home is where the heart is.

I would love to go and see my sister in Fort Myers but that is a four hour drive and that would mean driving that much longer tomorrow or Friday and I can’t see the family wanting to do that.






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