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I Don’t Know Why~   Leave a comment

I have been up since 2:15 this morning, getting about five hours of sleep

That is it.

I tossed and turned till 3:15 and then just got up.

No point in laying there when I am wide awake and my back hurts from laying there for those five hours.

I must have slept very well in those five hours because I didn’t move once.

I am feeling a bit tired now but I doubt I will nap yet.

I have birthday cakes to make and things to do for tonight’s supper.

Of course my eldest son has one of my cake pans so it will be hard to do two cakes with one cake pan but I can improvise.

Maybe I will make cupcakes with the other cake.

I have the car 75% packed.

I guess we are leaving at 12:30 tomorrow instead of 5:30 which just means more driving tomorrow and less on Saturday.

We can’t get into our hotel room till 3 on Sunday so there is no point in getting there early unless we try and get it for Saturday night too.

I will leave that up to my son and husband.

They are the ones driving.

I have Rick’s suitcase and Matt’s Keira’s and Kayla’s yet to pack, plus movies and some food.

The back of my SUV looks a lot smaller when I have so much to put into it.


Not sure if the trip is what is keeping me awake at night or something that I am unaware of.

I do wish we were flying instead but it is what it is.

Day two of my 13 days off, and I can tell you already I would love to be off all of the time and never work again.


Maybe some day…






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