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My baby~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter Emily will also be celebrating a birthday tomorrow.

She was born when my sister Kathy was 26.

our family

here is the six of us plus the groom last April when Emily got married.

She is a hot head and very short tempered but she has a good heartย and she has graced me with two beautiful grandchildren.

She is and always will be my baby.



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Best Friend~   Leave a comment

My best friend has always been my sister Kathy who will be turning 54 tomorrow.


She is 22 months younger then I am but probably a hell of a lot smarter then I will ever be.

She lives in Florida now but hopefully some day soon they can make the move back up to Iowa.

I would love to have her closer as would my two other sisters.

She probably won’t do anything fun for her birthday as she will feel like she can’t spend the money.

But she should at least treat herself to a good restaurant and enjoy some good food.




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My Mother~   Leave a comment

Yesterday my mother would have been 90 had she lived.

She died at 65 of cancer.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have her these last 25 years.

Probably quite great, but she wasn’t in good health so having her still here would probably have been difficult for her.

So it would be selfish of me to want her here when she was so ill.


Linda passed on after a massive stroke, and Cyndi died from cancer last fall.

I imagine the five of us that are left, no doubt most of us will die from cancer of one form or another.

My husband’s uncle passed away in his sleep last week of a heart attack.

That would be a nice way to go.

In your sleep


294004_2283647943587_573403885_nThis is mom feeding Linda in 1958.

Also my one and only brother Ric.



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Weird noises~   1 comment

I walked into the school a few minutes ago to some weird banging going on.

I assume it is heat going through the pipes.

I walked around looking for it, because in all honesty I thought the mice were having an orchestra concert without me.

I do believe it is heat going through the pipes.

On another note I think I ran over a nail because my car is making noise in the tire area.

I probably will have a flat when I go out later


One more day after today and then I am off for eleven days.

I can’t wait……

Oh the mice are starting their concert again.




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