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The Thing About Running Away~   Leave a comment

My sister Kathy told me that our youngest sister Wanda told her that she would love to run away because no one appreciates her or shows her love.

The problem with that is, she being the mother should have taught her sons love.

It was her job to do it, and if they don’t express their love for her now, who’s fault is that?
Does she show them love?
My eldest son is more loving to me then any of my other kids.

Even my two daughters.

But I have always been an affectionate person.

If I love someone I tell them and often.

I am not criticizing Wanda but running away is not the answer.

She needs to find other things that bring her fulfillment if her children don’t.

But I remember her telling me years ago, after her children are at the age of two, she couldn’t stand them clinging on her.

Well children pick up on these things.

Children are a lot smarter then people think.

And now maybe they aren’t showing her the love she wants because payback is a bitch, OR they just don’t know how to show it because they  were never shown?
I don’t know…..I do know she is going to have to learn to find other things to bring her happiness…..



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