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16 weeks and 3 days~   Leave a comment

I put the above title because in this time, when it has come to an end, I am retiring from the school district.

It seems like a long way off and like I told my sister really too early to count, but…..I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Ideally I would like to never work again but chances are I will have to work part time some where.

With the retirement package I will be able to pay off all my bills except my car.

But of course I have Mediacom every month and my phone bill…not to mention my Equinox payment.


But maybe if I start saving now and stop spending money I can make it work…..

Here’s hoping anyway…..


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Bill Paxton~   Leave a comment

bill-paxton  I was saddened to hear of Bill Paxton’s passing.

No he wasn’t a favorite actor but I think he was a decent one.

It is funny because the day he died I was surfing the channels and he came on to promote his newest TV series.

And then I found out later he died.

Quite strange.

He was 61 and way too young to die.

I hope his family can find some peace and comfort in this hard time.


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A Warm And Rainy Day~   Leave a comment


It is fifty some degrees out and raining.

It is supposed to get to 65 today.

I have tulips coming up in my yard which I hate as it is way too early.

Tomorrow is the first of March and we could have a lot of freezing cold and snowy weather.



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