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Okay I am still talking to my Human Resources about retiring.

I would get a one time payment of a bit over $28,000

I could pay off quite a few bills and only have my car payment and a bank loan left to pay on.

I would work but of course I wouldn’t be making what I make now.

AND if I went back to working as a nurses aide, (which is what I would want to do) I would have to go back to working every other weekend and every other holiday.

OR I could stay here and work for 4-8 more years.

If I stayed the full 8 years I would get 80% of my IPERS.

My husband says they don’t go higher then 80%  (he has been retired on IPERS for almost five years now)

If I draw it out any sooner I won’t get probably more then 50%

Decisions decisions…..

My husband and I will sit down and discuss it.



Posted February 23, 2017 by Marge in ramblings

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