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Forgive my inability to possess the ability to write graciously.


19 weeks have come and gone

My heart feels battered, a piece of me shattered as the loss of your presence gone

I didn’t appreciate you when you were here

I was foolish and stupid even though the facts were quite clear

You were leaving us, as Mom and Linda had done

I knew it but chose to ignore it

Not willing to let the possibility obliterate the sun

You left behind two sons, a grand daughter and grandson

A brother and four sisters as you took the journey to the beyond

You will forever be missed although I know you now live in bliss with

Our Gracious Heavenly Father and His Son

Yes a part of me is missing and I will forever go on insisting

that our foundation is much weaker, our family became much bleaker without our Beloved Sister~



My brother Ric or my sister Kathy really are the poets and writers in my family.

But there you have my thoughts.


Love and miss you Cyndi

Posted February 10, 2017 by Marge in family, God, heartfelt, ramblings

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