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As I Grow Older~   Leave a comment


The older I get the more I love the looks of old ships.

Not sure why they appeal to me but they do.

Such majestic uniqueness.


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I feel this need almost daily~   Leave a comment


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The question~   Leave a comment


I have written about this before, but my sister emailed me earlier today asking the question, who am I?

I have often wondered the same thing about myself.

Who am I?
If not a mother, wife, grandmother, worker…..female….?

Who am I?

I honestly don’t know.

I use to be very passionate about life.

About me as a person.

I have faded a lot in the last five years.

A lot.

And why?
The man I am married to?

What has caused me to be the way I am?
It is sometimes easier to just give in and not fight.

But the person in me that no longer appears is still there deep inside wanting the things I want regardless of anything else.

Will I ever get back to that person?
It depends on a lot of things.

The main being if I decide to live for me and no one else.




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Flowers on the pond~   Leave a comment


For at least the next three days we are going to be above average weather wise.

It is going to be so warm I worry that my tulips and other flowers will think it is spring and they will start coming up.

And anyone who knows…. that when that happens this early in the year it kills the flowers which makes for a drab spring.

I will have to keep a close eye on them and put more mulch down if need be.

It is only February, if it was the middle of March I would still be worried about them, but since it is February and going to feel like the first of April……I don’t want my flowers coming up just yet.

Because Lord knows, we will probably get at least one more frost and at least one more snow accumulation.

I am ready for spring though.

Even though we have had a very mild winter.

It is time for green grass and sun filled cloudless days.

Where I can open windows and get some fresh air circulating.



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Woe is me~   Leave a comment

My knee and leg are giving me all sorts of fits.

I must have let the Advil lapse because I am in a world of hurt today.

Of course being on my feet these last three hours probably hasn’t helped it much.

Now I have ninety minutes to rest it unless something comes up that I have to go and clean up.


I told God earlier today that I would rather die then go on living with this pain for weeks on end.

I am sure He thought I am quite a baby.

But when I can’t even walk without the pain, what the hell is it all for?

I am sick of not feeling good.

On a positive note though, the cold is almost gone.


And tomorrow is supposed to be in the fifties so that is something at least.


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