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18 weeks ago tonight   1 comment

Cyndi passed away exactly 18 weeks and five minutes ago.

I told my sister Kathy that I have come to terms with it.

For the longest time it seemed impossible that she could really be gone.
Even with me watching her take her last breath it still seemed unreal that she had died.

I knew she had but it just didn’t seem like it could possibly be true.

I know it is and now I have accepted it.

It doesn’t mean I don’t miss her.
Because I do very much.

She was one of a kind.


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Gone Girl~   Leave a comment

If you haven’t seen the movie “Gone Girl” I highly recommend it.

It is a 2014 movie with Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck.

It has a couple of twists and turns.

But worth the watch.

Just goes to show you how devious people can be.



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And The Weekend Begins…..   Leave a comment

in twenty minutes my weekend begins.
I have a change of plans from earlier.

I am going to take my grand daughter to the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” but we were going to go tomorrow afternoon.
Well she has a birthday party to go to so we will postpone it till Sunday afternoon.

And the best part is it is playing in my city so we won’t have to drive to a bigger city to go and see it.
Granted I will have to drive 12 miles to get her, drive back to go to the movie and then drive her home again.

But that is a small price to pay.

(Her parents will be watching the super bowl)

Grandpa will probably go with us, but if not it will be a great me and Kayla time.





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Swiss Alps   Leave a comment


I have never been here, nor will I probably ever go, but I found this picture on the internet and it is just so beautiful.

Can you imagine living in that house and seeing that majestic beauty every single day?

This is truly God’s masterpiece at it’s finest.

I love it.


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