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Desire to travel~   Leave a comment


I would love to get into my car and head west.

Originally I was going to be going west this August.

The kids thought that vacation would be too boring for their kids.

So we will go to Wisconsin instead at the end of July.

However the mountains call me

Like the ocean, the mountains call me.

I would love to just buy an RV and travel the United States.

Good thing dreaming is free.




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Grandparent Guide~   Leave a comment


My sister Kathy is awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild.

A Grandson that they are naming Alex.

Since I have been a grandmother for the last 14 years I thought I would write this blog about what she will or won’t experience.

  1. Never ever argue with the parents on how they are parenting, I have done this several times and it doesn’t win any points with the parents.
  2. Treasure every little moment with your grandson because and this is the God’s honest truth, He will grow faster then you can blink.
  3. Offering advice is only good if the parent asks for it.  And then be prepared for them to not  take your advice.
  4. The most wonderful feeling in the world is having your grandchild fall asleep on your chest.  Nothing in the world is quite like it, except maybe for their hugs.
  5. Be available ANYTIME for babysitting.  Even encourage the parents to get out and enjoy some “them” time so you can have the baby to yourself.
  6. Listen to him.  Even before he can talk, he can say so much with his eyes and his smile.
  7. Speaking of smiling, babies only smile and learn to smile if someone smiles at them.
  8. Take pictures! I kid you not, babies change in their looks very quickly.
  9. I have said this to all my children and their spouses and I think it is important……I said to them “If I am doing something you don’t like with the baby, TELL ME right away, don’t let me go on for months believing I am doing what you approve of, only for you to be hating something I am doing”
  10. Love him.  He is the continuation of your family. He is God’s most precious gift, so treasure him and love him unconditionally.

I am sure there are other things I could say but the most important advice I can give is be there for the baby.

Be the best grandmother you can be.

Which I know Kathy you have waited years for this…..and I know you will be an awesome grandma!


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