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My sister in Florida and I go back and forth almost daily about “Why can’t we be rich?”

And we did it again today.
But the thing of it is and I told her this, I really do have everything I could want or need.

Yes I would like to have more money but for what?
I don’t need anything

Yeah there might be a few things I want, but not really.

I have all I need or want.

I am truly blessed.

I am.

Yes I get down, yes I get depressed and blue, but in all honesty God has blessed me well.

My children and grandchildren are healthy.

I am healthy, my husband is healthy and we are all doing well

Yeah I would love to be in Florida soaking up the warm rays but I will be in a little over three months so….

Spring is on the horizon, then summer…..

School will be out in less then 5 months and we will be moving to a new school.

Yes that will probably entail a lot of work but so what….I have to work to make money…..

Maybe I am just so easy breezy, happy go lucky because I just had the last seven days off.

I am relaxed and feel recharged.

Two days from now when I am back at work dealing with the monstrous children I may hate everything and every body again.

Hopefully not but one never knows.

Right here right now I am truly blessed and life is good.

I wouldn’t mind being fifty pounds lighter and have more money but…..all in all… is good.





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