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Last day of my mini vacation~   Leave a comment

I go back to work tomorrow to do the building checks this weekend.

I will clean most if not all of my section on Sunday when I go as I don’t want to face a huge mess on Monday.

I feel great.

I get a twinge in my knee every once in a while.

Nothing like it was.

In face I probably should have gone back to work yesterday and today.

But since the doctor said be off the whole week I took the entire week off.


Tomorrow’s building check will be a breeze, a fifteen minute walk through
Sunday I will be there a few hours.

But that is okay.

I would rather do some if not all of the work on Sunday and get it clean then to wait till Monday and face a huge mess.


I would love to never have to work again but right now that is impossible.

Four years at least, to go.


I would still rather be at the beach.



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